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The Range Rover 4.6 HSE P38 EAS modification page


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My Range Rover P38 1999 Westminiter edition 4.6 HSE
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The EAS disabled with ignition off mod!

The background and reason to why I started to find out a way to
prevent the EAS (Electronic Air Suspension) on my Range Rover P38
to be active only when the ignition is on.

  1. In a perfect world the EAS system should be totally air tight and without any leaks. However the world isn't and neither is the old
    1999 P38 that I own.
  2. This wouldn't be a problem if I used my P38 daily since the
    pressure drop that my car suffers is just to be considered as
    normal (I think) but I barely use my car on "work days" so it
    can be parked for many days.
  3. When one of the corners of the P38 are sagging a bit it will wake
    up the EAS system that will try to keep the car level by lowering
    the other 3 corners. It will keep doing this and at the end of the
    week I will have my P38 on the bump stops. And since the EAS system also wakes up the BEMC that use quite a bit of current it
    will also drain my battery in less than two weeks to a level where
    it isn't possible to start the engine.
  4. Having the P38 parked outside my neighbors bedroom window they don't appreciate the noise the P38 makes when leveling (Letting air out)

The actual modification of the EAS circuit.

By taking a look at the schematics in the RAV manual I took a
decision to try to cut the power to the Air suspension ECU and this
way dissable self leveling when the Rangie is parked.

It would be possible to do this with a DIY brake out wire harness and
just plug it in at fuse 23 and 29, but I tought it would look better the
way I finaly did it.

Range rover P38 fuse box before modification

Remove the ground wire from the battery!

Unscrew the three bolt and nuts that holds the fuse box in place and
tilt it up inwards the engine bay and you might have this colorful
view (If you car have the same config as in my P38 :0)

Now splice a wire to the Green wire at the green connector and hook
it up to the relay coil (look at the schematics below (1) ).

Also make a new ground wire to the other side of the relay coil and
hook it up to the ground stud just below the fuse box (Again take a look at the images below (GND) )

Now cut the Pink/Red wire at the yellow fuse box connector then strip
and crimp (or solder) some extension wires to the ends of the two cut
of ends and connect them to each of the relay contacts (2) and (3) in
the image below.

Done, simple as that!

Range Rover P38 EAS dissabled when ignition off mod

Physical schematics of the
EAS mod that will help to
keep the battery drain
lower and also tame the
P38's nervous behavior
of constant self leveling :0)

Range Rover P38 Air suspension electrical circuit modification Ground connection wire
for the relay coil hooked
up to the ground stud
just below the fuse box.
Fuse box back in position
New relay mounted at the
side of the box.

Make sure to put the
screw close to the top edge
of the box frame otherwise
you might damage the
fuse box circuit board!

EAS unwanted self leveling mod schematics.

Range Rover P38 EAS timer shut off modification schematics
By following the schematics and images above it shouldn't be any problem to
perform this mod.
Just make sure your vehicle comply with this schematics.
And just for some extra safety, use a multimeter to do a physical check!

Comments, suggestions, requests here!

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